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Posted on: January 27, 2018 | Back | Print

There have been several instances of tourists being subjected to pick pocketing, bag snatching and theft in recent past in Czech Republic. Also there have been instances where Indian tourists have faced problems at the Czech immigration counters where some passengers have been refused entry due to damaged passports and in another case due to insufficient documentary evidence to prove their purpose of stay in Czech Republic. In a recent case two Indian tourists were refused entry by immigration authorities even on valid visa. They had valid visa, confirmed return air tickets and confirmed hotel booking. But the immigration authorities still refused entry on the plea that payments were not made for hotel booking. Indian tourists visiting Czech Republic are, therefore, advised:

* To be alert at all times especially while travelling in public transport and remain cautious in their

response to approaches from strangers;

* Not to carry too many valuables, cash and credit cards while travelling by public transport,

including Metros;

* To keep passports and important documents separately and not with currency and other


* To keep photocopies of passport and visa separately also;

* Should not travel on damaged passport;

* Should have valid passport, visa, confirmed return air ticket, medical insurance and confirmed

hotel booking with payment already made.