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Advisory to Indian Students in the Czech Republic

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Indian students enrolled in the Czech universities have been facing several problems in extension of their visa for long. In order to address these problems, the Embassy of India, Prague recently held a meeting with the Czech Ministry of Interior. The Czech Interior Ministry has made arrangements to facilitate the visa extension and Indian students can note and follow these guidelines:

  •   Interior Ministry has opened a Student Visa Centre at Hladkov 682/9, Prague 6, 169 00. The office exclusively deals with Foreign students. Indian students applying for extension of visa can visit this centre after making an appointment with the concerned official at Tel. No: 974 820 680

  •   For renewal of long-term residence permit for the first time, students should submit their application in person after making appointment 3 months in advance from the expiry date of visa. However, according to local laws, the applications period, which starts 3 months before the expiry of visa, ends 14 days before the expiry of visa and applications cannot be submitted thereafter.

  •  After making an appointment at the office, the students need to take following documents:

  1. Duly filled application form with the copy of the passport

  2. Confirmation letter from University/ College

  3. Accommodation confirmation

  4. Proof of financial support (bank statement)

  5. Health insurance

  •  Students visiting this office do not need any interpreter as the staff can easily communicate in English

  •  After submission of application, extension of visa takes 2/3 weeks

  •  Indian students must note that the extension of long-term visa is done by the Ministry of Interior and not by the Foreign Police.

Indian students can use this facility for extension of their visa in the Czech Republic. Embassy of India, Prague would welcome their feedback which they can send to consular@eoiprague.in