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Advisory to Indian Students intending to Study in the Czech Republic

Posted on: March 11, 2019 | Back | Print

Embassy of India
Advisory to Indian Students intending to Study in the Czech Republic

All Indian students intending to join universities and colleges in the Czech Republic for higher studies are advised to make necessary inquiries and consider following before they apply for admission:

  • Please ensure before applying that the college/university is properly accredited to the Czech Ministry of Education (as some fake institutions offering high-level business and management courses are also working in the Czech Republic). The list of   accredited universities may be seen in the following links:


  • It may also be noted that even in the case of some accredited universities, a number of agents are running a syndicate for admission in the Czech educational institutions. They allure Indian students in the name of admission and part-time jobs. (Beware of persons projecting themselves as agents of different universities and charging a huge amount for their services).
  • Students should directly approach the Czech universities for admission instead of applying through agents, reportedly acting on behalf of even some accredited universities. There have been cases where Indian students have been duped by agents.
  • Admission fee may be deposited with the university/college after your visa is ensured by the Czech Embassy for an appropriate duration. If some university/college insists for depositing admission/tuition fees before the Czech long-term visa is granted, certain prior assurance may be sought from the respective university/college for refund of fees, in case the student is unable to join the studies due   to unavoidable circumstances such as refusal of long-term visa by the Czech Embassy.
  • The Embassy of India, Prague is in receipt of several complaints against Prague Business School and Czech College, Prague, where fees of students had not been refunded after the refusal of their long-term visa.


Prague, Czech Republic
08 March, 2019