About Us Important Information

  • Acceptance of visa application does not guarantee issue of visa. The issue of visa, its type and duration are determined on the merits of each case.

  • Enquiries on visas may be addressed to the Consular Officer at 257 533 490 or at cons1.prague@mea.gov.in. If there are extraordinary circumstances, one may request at this number to connect to the Consular Officer; or write to cons.prague@mea.gov.in. While addressing the queries by email, it is necessary for the sender to write his / her name, place and other coordinates like telephone number, etc.

  • A foreign national must travel on the passport which he/she has applied for E-Visa. Entry may be allowed into India on the new passport even if ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) has been issued on the old passport, subject to carrying the old passport on which ETA was issued.

  • Visas are valid from the date of issue and not from the date of entry into India. Applicants may take this into account while specifying the duration of visa required.

  • Please make sure that you correctly specify the category of visa applied for, depending on the purpose of your visit. Activities in India incompatible with the category of the visa may result in immediate revocation of the visa.

  • Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of his / her country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents.  Entering into surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law.

  • Visa applicants may please note that satellite telephone services are not permitted in India. Any person found to be making unauthorized use of such services will be prosecuted and all the sets found in his / her possession will be seized under relevant Indian laws.