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For Visa/e-Visa applicants:

It has been observed that many fake websites are misguiding Indian visa applicants and are receiving money from them as application service providers, for both e-Visa and regular online visa. The list of some of these websites is as under:








All the applicants for Indian visa (regular as well as e-Visa) are advised to be careful about fake websites while filling online visa/e-visa application. It may clearly be noted that Embassy of India, Prague does not endorse any of these websites and is not responsible for the money being paid to them. It may also be clarified that the Embassy accepts Visa Fee in cash in Czech Crowns at the Visa Counter in the Embassy and does not receive any money through bank transfer or credit cards. However, in case of e-visa, the visa fee needs to be paid online, while applying at the link:  India Visa Online

A foreign national must travel on the passport which he/she has applied for eVisa. Entry will be allowed into India on the new passport even if ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) has been issued on the old passport, however in such cases a traveler must carry the old passport on which ETA was issued.

The passport of the traveler should have validity of at least six months from date of arrival in India and it should contain at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. 

The Embassy has now implemented bio-metric system in connection with application for visa to India.  All the applicants for Indian visa are, therefore, required to be present at the Embassy’s counter for providing their bio-metric data viz. fingerprints and photographs. 

  1. Applications for Indian visa are accepted at the Embassy from 0930 hours to 1200 hours.Collection of visas/passports is from 1600 hours to 1700 hours - Monday to Friday, except holidays.

  2. All applicants for Indian visa are required to fill in the online visa application form. Hand-written applications are no longer accepted by the Embassy. Visa applications are not accepted by post.

  3. While filling in the online application form, applicant is also required to upload his / her recent photograph.  After submitting the online application: (i) take out the printout of the application; (ii) affix (not to staple) a colour photograph (5 cm x 5 cm)  in the prescribed box (photograph should be identical to the one uploaded online); sign the application (on the 1st page below the photograph and on the 2nd page at bottom); and (iv) submit it to the Embassy with passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the period of visa required.

  4. When filling in the application form online please select “Czech-Prague” in the drop-down menu  “Indian Mission”.

  5. Please visit the following web site for the online application form and other details: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in 

  6. Processing of visa applications will take a minimum of one week’s time. In some cases this period could be longer. Applicants may check the status of their application online and approach the Consular Section of the Mission from Monday to Friday between 04.00 PM and 05.00 PM to pick up their visas.

  7. The Embassy makes every effort to issue tourist and business visas after 4 working days (excluding the day of submission and collection) after application, provided all documents are complete. However, there would be delays depending on individual process requirements.

  8. For applicants who do not have Czech passport, an additional five to seven days processing time is required. There is also additional processing fee.

  9. Foreigners holding other than Czech Passports should submit  proof of long-term stay (at least two years/Czech Resident Permit) in the Czech Republic.

  10. All fees should be paid in cash at the time of application. We do not accept cheques or credit cards. Fees once received will not be refunded, even if  visa application is withdrawn by the applicant or visa is not issued.

  11. Acceptance of visa application does not guarantee issue of visa. The issue of visa, its type and duration are determined on the merits of each case.

  12. Enquiries on visas may be addressed to the Consular Officer at 257 533 490 or at cons1.prague@mea.gov.in. If there are extraordinary circumstances, please ask to speak to the Consular Officer at the same number; or write to cons.prague@mea.gov.in. While addressing the queries by email, it is necessary for the sender to write his / her name, place and other coordinates like telephone number, etc.

  13. IMPORTANT: Visas are valid from the date of issue and not from the date of entry into India. Applicants may take this into account while specifying the duration of visa required.

  14. Please make sure that you correctly specify the category of visa applied for, depending on the purpose of your visit. Activities in India incompatible with the category of the visa may result in immediate revocation of the visa.


  • (i) Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of his / her country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents.  Entering into surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law.
  • (ii) Visa applicants may please note that satellite telephone services are not permitted in India. Any person found to be making unauthorized use of such services will be prosecuted and all the sets found in his / her possession will be seized under relevant Indian laws.

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