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Important Notice about Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  1. In terms of the latest guidelines issued by Government of India, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) will be issued to all categories of applicants only after receipt of police verification from the respective Passport Office from India.
  2. The above-cited police verification would be done for each and every case and may take a longer duration. Therefore, all the applicants for PCC are advised to apply at the Embassy, well ahead of time.


To get the following services, the applicant should fill in "The Miscellaneous Service Form". 

 Miscellaneous Service / Attestation of Documents:

     Birth Certificate/Registration of Birth
     Police Clearance Certificate
     Marriage Certificate (Requires Passport of both Husband and Wife)
     Registration of Marriage
     Life Certificate
     Attestation of Power of Attorney
     Attestation of affidavit/document
     Attestation of affidavit/document for commercial purpose (Applicant must get the documents authenticated from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
     Attestation of documents for sale/purchase of Ship/vessel
     No objection Certificate to carry dead body/ashes
    In the event of death of a relative/friend, if the applicant wishes to carry either body or ashes back home to India; the following documents are required to be submitted along with the Miscellaneous Service Form.
       Death Certificate in original with one photo copy;
       Burial/Cremation or embalming certificate in original with one copy;
       Certificate from a Medical Officer stating that “the deceased was not suffering from any contagious disease;
       Passport of the deceased; and
       Miscellaneous Service Form should have the details of the deceased and signed by the person submitted the application along with copy of his/her passport.

Consular Service Fee