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To get the following services, the applicant should fill in "The Miscellaneous Service Form". 

 Miscellaneous Service / Attestation of Documents:

     Birth Certificate/Registration of Birth
     Police Clearance Certificate
     Marriage Certificate (Requires Passport of both Husband and Wife)
     Registration of Marriage
     Life Certificate
     Attestation of Power of Attorney
     Attestation of affidavit/document
     Attestation of affidavit/document for commercial purpose (Applicant must get the documents authenticated from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
     Attestation of documents for sale/purchase of Ship/vessel
     No objection Certificate to carry dead body/ashes
    In the event of death of a relative/friend, if the applicant wishes to carry either body or ashes back home to India; the following documents are required to be submitted along with the Miscellaneous Service Form.
       Death Certificate in original with one photo copy;
       Burial/Cremation or embalming certificate in original with one copy;
       Certificate from a Medical Officer stating that “the deceased was not suffering from any contagious disease;
       Passport of the deceased; and
       Miscellaneous Service Form should have the details of the deceased and signed by the person submitted the application along with copy of his/her passport.

Consular Service Fee